Top 12 Cigarette Logos that Represent Truth in Tobacco Advertising

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Now that the new year has rolled around, we are faced with the struggle of keeping our resolutions. Some of these resolutions get passed on from year to year: improve your health… save money… stop smoking!  No, it is not easy when will power is confronted by the compulsion of a habit developed over years of practice.

But it is possible. Many have controlled their addictions and found a better life at the end of the tunnel.

In fact, PenalTees’ own Artistic Director, Doug Maguire, gave up cigarettes exactly six months ago today and he is not looking back!

Instead, Doug was inspired to create these images of cigarette logos that would be more appropriate if there were actually truth in advertising. So if you are dealing with addiction, particularly to cigarettes, enjoy the graphic. We hope it provides some inspiration, or at the very least, a reality check.


The infographic below shows logos that represent the truth in tobacco advertising.


“The Dirty Dozen” ~ Top 12 Cigarette Logos That Represent Truth in Advertising by Doug Maguire

If you love a particular design, send PenalTees a message and  let us know which you would buy and the T-shirt size you would want. With enough interest, we may do a special run of select images in the following weeks.

And if you are serious about keeping your resolutions, check out this link about how to break down bad habits and build good habits.

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